An API request has the following attributes:

  • createdAt: The time at which the API request was received by our server.
  • updatedAt: The latest time one of the project's component was updated.
  • videoUrl: The original URL of the video we are processing.
  • projectUrl: The URL to the Checksub editor for this specific project.
  • status: The status of the request. Currently, the exportation process is not included in the status, meaning that an API request with a "processed" status could still be in exportation. The possible values are: "pending", "in_progress", "completed" and "failed". If the status is failed, error details will be available with the attribute "errors".
  • state: The state of the most relevant element of the request. In practice, this is a more detailed status.
  • data: A list of resources that were created by this API request. It includes SRTs and exportation URLs. This list will be filled as soon as the data is ready.
  • errors: A list of errors that happened during the process. In practice, this list should have only 1 element, the one responsible for the "failed" status.

You can get all created API requests on our server. However, API requests are listed only after their processing has started (so, after being stored for a certain amount of time). If an API request with a certain ID is not available in the returned list, it means it is still waiting for its processing to start.

The exportation process is currently not included in the status of an API request. When an API request reaches the status "completed", the processing is finished and the exportation will start. Once the exportation is over, the data is filled with the URLs to access the final result.

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